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Step 1: Choose your window style

Please note this image represents the style of the window, not the size entered.

Step 2: Choose your window opening style
Chevron points to the hinge side as viewed from the outside. Spaces without chevrons are non-opening sections.

Please note this image is to help you visualise the openers on the window you have selected and does not represent the entered size.

Why buy uPVC Windows

DIY uPVC windows is an efficient system available to allow you to get brand new windows within your home fast and hassle free. Start installing your own windows as soon as they are delivered to your doorstep. We provide step by step support either by phone with a specialist or using the extensive material available on our website in order for you to install your windows correctly.

With DIY windows, you have a huge and flexible range of options when choosing which features you want or need for your window. Whether you want a non standard size, are restricted to a budget or need a particular opening style our DIY windows can cater to that. Generate a quote within less than 2 minutes using our simple step by step process. Work out what is best for your home, budget and style with this speedy system.
5-chamber profile
All our uPVC windows use a 5 chamber 70mm uPVC profile. It has been known to boost thermal efficiency by up to 16%, in comparison to a 3-chamber equivalent which can be found on the market.

What does 5-chamber mean?

When talking about chambers, we are referring to the number of different segments which make up the window profile. In our case, we have 5 different segments, which act as an air trap, locking in small pockets of warm air, increasing the thermal efficiency of the profile and leading to lower energy bills.
Internally beaded
All our uPVC windows are internally beaded, which enables better security and also easy installation during the fitting stage. There are many companies out there that still supply externally beaded windows, which increases the likelihood of intruders attempting to get into your property. With internally beaded windows, the window can’t be removed from the outside meaning better security for you and your home.

Installing internal beading, means no exposure to the natural elements as this can all be done from the inside. Having externally beaded windows will require you to fit this in whilst balancing the window unit on a ladder and at an unsafe height. Therefore, the safety and ease with internally beaded windows enables efficiency and peace of mind.
Security & Safety
The multi-point locking system provides you with supreme security, making it difficult for any uninvited guests to intrude. Our locking system consists of Espagnolette mushroom-headed locks, which slide in different directions before sitting securely in the metal keeps.

Furthermore, we have added anti-jemmy blocks to the internal uPVC frame that sit in the opposite direction to the Espagnolette mushroom-headed locks. This prevents anyone outside of the property to lever the locks out of place and gain access to your property.

The mechanism on the window handles are push to open, which are safer in the event of a fire as it allows quick opening of the window. These door handles come with key locks, locking the Espagnolette locks in place. Having the key locks adds to the security, as it completely stops the windows from being opened, especially when leaving your home unattended for a longer period of time.
28mm double glazing
All our windows have 28mm seal units, which consist of two 4mm panes of glass with a 20mm air gap incorporating a warm edge spacer bar. Units as such are more thermally efficient than aluminum bars, because aluminium is an efficient conductor of hot and cold temperatures which can contribute to a sealed unit breakdown. With 28mm sealed units there is also the added soundproofing benefit, which is convenient for anyone that lives on a main road or busy street.

In order to comply with part ‘L’ of building regulations, the glass we use in our sealed units features Planibel A (LOW-E) glass. This glass has a thin metal coating, designed to reflect the heat back into the room whilst still allowing the sun’s heat to pass through.

The glazing we supply complies to BS EN1279-2. This means our sealed units have been independently tested for moisture absorption which can lead to sealed unit breakdowns such as steam or condensation build up inside the sealed unit.

Under certain conditions, low-e glass may exhibit a natural grey haze. This may be noticeable when the glass is in direct sunlight or viewed against a dark background. In most viewing conditions, this haze is not obvious.
100% New Plastic
All our windows are constructed using only new sheets of plastic, not reused melted down bits of plastic. Using fresh, new plastic enhances the beauty of the white uPCV colour to last longer and not to discolour over a longer period of time.