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uPVC Composite Doors


  • Delivery in approx. 18 working days*

  • Compliant with Document 'L' (Part 'L') of Building Regulations

  • Reinforced Outer Frame

    = Strength & Security
  • GRP Facing

    = Durability & Low maintenance
  • Timber Subframe to Door Sash

    = Strength
  • Polyurethane Foam Core

    = Heat & Sound Insulation
  • 2 Hookbolt Lock & 3 Deadbolt Lock "Secure by Design"

    = Security
  • Low Threshold

    = Lower upstand at bottom of door
  • 10 Year Guarantee

    (Please see our Terms and Conditions)
  • Windows and Doors Installation Instruction Windows and Doors Installation Instruction

Stylish, Elegant and Fine Quality uPVC Composite Doors

Here at Dunster House, we keep our prices low and our standards high. That’s why we have the very best bespoke service when it comes to uPVC composite doors that you’ll be proud to feature as the face of your home.

As experienced uPVC composite door suppliers, we ensure that our composite doors contain only the highest quality materials that are combined in the best way to give you exactly what you need.

Made to Measure Design with Durable, Reliable Technology

All of our uPVC composite doors are made to measure. Our team of experts have years of industry knowledge and craftsmanship to ensure that you’re getting the very best quality for the very best price. All of our uPVC composite doors feature:

  • Reinforced Strong and Secure Outer Frame
  • Durable and Low Maintenance GRP Surface Facing
  • Strong Timber Sub-frame and Door Sash
  • Polyurethane Foam Core for Heat and Sound Insulation
  • Hook bolt and Deadbolt Locks for Optimum Security
All of our uPVC composite doors also come with a 10 Year Guarantee for continued service and care whenever you need us.

Instant Quotes and Unbeatable Service at Dunster House

We’re proud to offer the very best bespoke service - so why not get an instant quote online today? It’s never been easier to find the best solution as our simple tool allows you to design your very own custom uPVC composite doors in minutes.

Delivery usually takes around two weeks so you can have your doors in no time, and we’ll provide a full installation instruction guide if you wish to fit the DIY composite doors yourself. Get in touch with our team or place an order online today and we’ll do our best to give you the finest results irrespective of your budget.

Reasons to buy
Dunster House
Windows and
Locking -

"Mushroom head"
bolts for security.
5 Chamber System -
Internal chambers make it
harder for warm air to
Low Level Gasket
seals -
Less visible
and look neater.
100% Virgin uPVC -
So will not discolour
over time.
Fully Welded -
Provides a more
attractive finish.