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Why buy uPVC Bay or Bow windows

Bay and bow windows are a beautiful feature for any home. Both types extend outwards from the exterior wall of the property, adding extra space and a unique and appealing feature to your property.
What’s the difference?

A bay window is supported from beneath, normally by a wall of the same shape, giving you more space from floor to ceiling. The bay itself can be simply window frames joined together, or have solid pillars or columns of brick or block, depending on the weight it needs to support. A Bay window is angular and not curved at all. It has three sides and will normally project much further from the property than a bow.

A bow window has a flat wall beneath it, providing a large raised “window shelf” for plants etc. The curve of the bow window is created from a series of straight edged casement windows (with or without opening sections.) The more window sections, the smoother the curve.

We’re committed to high quality windows, which is why we manufacture our bay and bow windows ourselves. The 28mm sealed units are fully tested and certified for energy efficiency to ensure you are getting a high-quality product, which will help retain the heat during those cold winter months.
5 chamber system
Our UPVC bay and bow windows feature a 5-chamber 70mm profile. This thick profile ensures a strong rigid framework for the 28mm glass unit. The internal chambers protect against heat loss and are resistant to all weather conditions. The 5-chamber 70mm thick system is highly regarded as one of the easiest to install and can be the perfect replacement when replacing old timber framed windows.
Internally beaded
All of our UPVC windows are internally beaded. The benefit of internal beading is that they offer a far better security aspects than external beading. This is because the beading which keeps the glass in place are not as accessible from the exterior of the property, meaning there is no easy way for burglars to pop the beads out, removing the glass and gaining entry into your property.
Our UPVC Windows feature a multi-point locking system. We use espagnolette locks that engage with “keeps” to make it harder for the windows to be forced open as they hook underneath the edge of the keeps. This is an advantage over the simple roller cam system that can be found on some other products in the market. Our windows also feature anti-jemmy riser blocks fitted which prevent the windows from being forced open with a crowbar.
28mm double glazing
Our double glazed sealed units are 28mm thick and comprised of two 4mm panes of glass and a 20mm high-performance warm edge spacer bar, which conform to EN1279 standards. Our double glazed sealed units have been independently tested for moisture absorption, an issue which can lead to sealed unit breakdowns such as a build up of steam or condensation in between the glass panes, a common problem found in windows which have been poorly manufactured.
100% virgin material
Our UPVC windows use 100% virgin plastic, meaning that it has not been previously used, consumed or subjected to processing other than for the purpose of being used as window frame profile. The benefit of using this newly formed plastic material is that it can absorb more of the sun’s UV rays without discolouring over time, ensuring your windows stay bright white for many years to come.
Glass reinforced plastic canopy
We use glass reinforced plastic (GRP) for the canopy of our bow windows. This plastic is a highly versatile material that is flexible, lightweight and extra strong. GRP is highly resistant to corrosion, ultraviolet light, excessive temperatures, salt air and acidic chemicals, as well as any wear and tear, pressure or damage.