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Why buy uPVC Stable Doors

Our uPVC stable doors offer versatility, style and security. They also provide maximum ventilation without the need to open the whole door, as well as keeping children and pets safely indoors. For extra security and as standard all our uPVC stable doors come with a multi-point locking system and steel-reinforced frames to ensure maximum security for your home and your family.
5 chamber profile
Our uPVC stable doors feature a 5-chamber profile which is 70mm in depth. The 5-chambered profile is designed to be compliant with building regulations and is more thermally efficient than outdated 3 chambered profiles. The more chambers in one profile, the lower its heat conductivity is, ensuring it is more energy efficient.
Internally beaded
Our uPVC stable doors are internally beaded. The benefit of internal beading is that it offers far better security than external beading. This is because the beading which keeps the glass in place is not as accessible from the exterior of the property, meaning there is no easy way for burglars to pop the beads out, removing the glass and gaining entry into your property.
Our uPVC stable doors have some key features which make them extremely secure. The door lock is designed to meet the strict official police security initiative (SBD) specifications, with a 9-point locking system that offers a high level of security. Stable doors are internally beaded and feature a steel-reinforced frame to protect your home and provide you that little extra peace of mind.
28mm double glazing
Our uPVC stable doors feature 28mm double glazing that incorporates warm edge spacer bars for increased sound insulation and excellent thermal insulation properties. Not only is our double glazing extremely thermally efficient, but it also reduces noise by up to 60%, making it a great investment if you live by a busy road or beneath a flight path.
100% virgin material
All of our uPVC window and door profiles are extruded from 100% virgin plastic and are not mixed with cheap recycled materials. The reason we don’t use recycled plastic is that it may still contain lead-based chemicals which will affect the life expectancy and the colourfastness of the door. Newly formed virgin plastic is strong, stable and will retain its colour far better than recycled material.