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Why buy uPVC Residential Doors

Our DIY uPVC doors are designed and manufactured by our own factory to offer you a quality door that will improve the appearance of your home. Our uPVC doors are also extremely secure with steel reinforcement and a 9-point locking system to ensure your personal property is protected. We have made it our mission to make sure that our uPVC doors fit your requirements to provide you with a quality, long lasting product.
5-chamber profile
Our DIY uPVC doors feature a 70mm thick 5-chamber profile. The profile is designed for optimal thermal and acoustic insulation. The more chambers the profile has, the more thermally efficient it is, as it helps to trap air and create a thermal barrier. The 5-chamber profile greatly reduces heat transfer from inside the room to outside. By breaking up the thermal flow in each chamber, heat loss is significantly reduced through the frames.
Internally beaded
We internally bead our uPVC residential doors as it is a much more secure method when compared to external beading. The beading that secures the glass into place is on the inside of the frame, it cannot be removed from the outside making our doors very secure.
10-point locking (secured by design)
Our uPVC doors feature our extremely secure 10-point locking system, featuring 4 rollers, 3 hook bolts, 2 anti-lift pins and 1 locking latch. Home security is an important aspect to consider when looking for the right French door. Our multi-point locking system operates smoothly to keep your doors properly locked, which not only ensures safety, but also leaves your doors airtight at all times.
28mm double glazing
Our 28mm sealed units consist of two 4mm panes of glass with a 20mm air gap incorporating a warm edge spacer bar, which is far more thermally efficient than the aluminium bars typically found in competitor windows. This is because aluminium is an efficient conductor of hot and cold temperatures which can contribute to a sealed unit breakdown. The 28mm sealed unit also has soundproofing benefits, perfect for anyone living on a main road or busy street.
100% virgin material
Our newly formed virgin plastic material is used in our uPVC doors. The benefit of using this new plastic material is that it will not discolour over periods of time, ensuring your door stays bright white for many years to come. The virgin plastic material is highly resistant to corrosion and does not absorb moisture.