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Why buy uPVC Patio Doors

Our patio doors will be a stylish addition to your home that will maximise the use of your outdoor space. Having patio doors installed allows more natural light and fresh air to penetrate your home as well as providing easy access to your garden. We custom-make all of our uPVC patio doors in our own dedicated factory using the finest materials and latest technology to give you results that will brighten your home for years to come.
3-chamber profile
The 3-chamber profile has fantastic thermal properties and ensures the profile offers effective protection against various weather conditions. The 3-chamber profile reduces cold transfer to prevent condensation. The multiple chambers inside the door profile help to trap air and create a thermal barrier to help keep warm air trapped inside, reducing your energy bills.
Internally beaded
We internally bead our doors, which is a much more secure method than external beading. This beading secures the glass in place is on the inside of the frame, it cannot be removed from the outside making our doors very secure.
Our patio doors feature 28mm thick double glazing, internal beading and a reinforced steel frame that make gaining entry into a home extremely difficult. All of these security features we incorporate into our doors deter potential thieves. The doors also feature hook bolt locking, multipoint locking systems that add extra layers of security which can make the difference when protecting your personal property.
28mm double glazing
Our 28mm sealed units consist of two 4mm panes of glass with a 20mm air gap incorporating a warm edge spacer bar, which is far more thermally efficient than the aluminium bars typically found in competitor windows. This is because aluminium is a high conductor of hot and cold temperatures which can contribute to a sealed unit breakdown. The 28mm sealed unit also has soundproofing benefits, perfect for anyone living on a main road or busy street.
100% virgin material
Our patio doors feature 100% virgin material. This newly formed plastic has not been previously utilised, so it is high-quality material that will stand the test of time. The plastic is strong, durable and resistant to harmful rays and it is UV protected so it will not discolour overtime, ensuring it remains bright white for many years to come.