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Chevron points to the hinge side as viewed from the outside. Spaces without chevrons are non-opening sections.

Why buy uPVC French Windows

The benefit of ordering DIY windows is that you can do it from the comfort of your home with a cup of tea and a biscuit, either on the phone speaking to one of our knowledgeable staff members, or online using our informative website. Rather than sitting through a two-hour presentation from a shady looking character, representing a large national windows and doors company before even measuring up and giving you the price.
5 chamber profile
Our French windows feature a 5-chamber profile in comparison to 3 chambered profiles our competitors offer. The more chambers there are in one profile, the lower its heat conductivity, making it more energy efficient. Additional chambers increase the thermal performance to meet the demanding current and future requirements for more energy efficient windows. The frame will reduce cold transfer, therefore reducing the chance of condensation, helping to resist outside temperatures and retain internal warmth.
All of our uPVC French windows are internally-beaded. Having internal beading is perfect for anyone installing their new windows, as you can fit the 28mm sealed unit from inside your house. The alternative involves you having to balance the glazed unit while you carefully navigate a ladder. Once you are at the top of the ladder, you then have to negotiate the beading into place before hammering it in place securing the glass. Not only is this a far more dangerous, and complicated, option but you will be outside exposed to the elements.
Another benefit to having internally-beaded windows is the added security. This may seem like a simple feature but there are still some companies which sell externally beaded windows. Having the beading on the inside restricts the opportunity of easily removal from the outside, by preventing burglars from taking the sealed unit out of its window frame and gaining access to your property and your valuables.
Our uPVC French windows feature a multi-point locking system. The locking system we use incorporates Espagnolette locks and metal keeps, providing enhanced sealing and exceptional security. The windows also feature anti-jemmy riser blocks, which will prevent the windows from being forced open by somebody simply pushing the sash sideways and disengaging the locks, similar to the function of the opposing cams on the door lock.
28mm double glazing
Our 28mm sealed units consist of two 4mm panes of glass with a 20mm air gap incorporating a high performance warm edge spacer bar, which is far more thermally efficient than the aluminium bars typically found in competitor windows. This is because aluminium is an efficient conductor of hot and cold temperatures which can contribute to a sealed unit breakdown. The 28mm sealed unit also has soundproofing benefits, perfect for anyone living on a main road or busy street.
In order to comply with part ‘L’ of building regulations the glass we use in our sealed units feature Planibel A (LOW-E) glass. This glass has a thin metal coating, designed to reflect the heat back in to the room whilst still allowing the sun’s heat to pass through.
The glazing we supply complies with BS EN1279-2. This means our sealed units have been independently tested for moisture absorption which can lead to sealed unit breakdowns such as steam or condensation build up.
100% virgin material
Our uPVC French windows are made from 100% virgin material. The plastic we use is not reground or recycled, ensuring that it will not discolour overtime. Our uPVC windows are extremely resistant to harmful UV rays and all that the British weather has to throw at them. The strong, durable windows are designed to be compliant with document ‘L’ (part ‘L’) of building regulations.