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Why buy uPVC Sliding Sash Windows

Sliding sash windows are beautiful and practical. With our numerous options and accessories, it’s possible to achieve exactly the look, effect and function that suits you!

Sliding Sash windows open widely inwards for ventilation and tilt further for easy cleaning, while also providing a range of security options. They carry exceptional A or A+ thermal ratings.

The benefit of ordering DIY UPVC sliding sash windows is that you can do it from the comfort of your home with a cup of tea and a biscuit, either on the phone speaking to one of our knowledgeable staff, or online using our informative website. Rather than sitting through a two-hour presentation from a shady- looking character, representing a large national windows and doors company even before measuring up and giving you the price.

Buying DIY and build to your own specifications, making fulling use of our multiple options ranging from size and colour, right down to the locking system and accessories. With the online instant quote generator, you can see how much your window is going to cost you as you go through the options. This allows you to work to your own budget, and unlike a lot of our competitors, our prices are transparent.
Our vertical sliding sash windows have been designed with not only elegance but also security in mind. These windows are fully reinforced, not only for durability in harsh weather conditions, but also to comfortably bear the weight of the glass and any accessories. Sliding sash windows also come with the CMS Gold security license – the result of passing stringent security testing in order to comply with PAS24:2016.
28mm double glazing
Our 28mm sealed units consist of two 4mm panes of glass with a 20mm air gap incorporating a warm edge spacer bar, which is far more thermally efficient than the aluminium bars typically found in competitor’s windows. This is because aluminium is an efficient conductor of hot and cold temperatures which can contribute to a sealed unit breakdown. The 28mm sealed unit also has soundproofing benefits, perfect for anyone living on a main road or busy street.

In order to comply with part ‘L’ of building regulations, the glass we use in our sealed units features Planibel A (LOW-E) glass. This glass has a thin metal coating, designed to reflect the heat back in to the room whilst still allowing the sun’s heat to pass through.

The glazing we supply complies to BS EN1279-2. This means our sealed units have been independently tested for moisture absorption which can lead to sealed unit breakdowns such as steam or condensation build up inside the sealed unit.
100% virgin material
Our UPVC windows use 100% virgin plastic meaning your windows will be made from brand new plastic rather than old windows which have been melted down. The benefit of using virgin extruded plastic is that the profile will not discolour over long periods of time, making sure your white windows stay bright for many years to come.