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Why buy uPVC French Doors

Our French doors offer you a large opening perfect for bringing large items in to your house or an opportunity to open up your room to the outdoors, perfect for those garden parties or family gatherings. As we control all aspects from taking the order, through manufacturing the product to delivery, you can rest assured you are in safe hands when you order with us.
5-chamber profile
Our uPVC French doors use a 5-chamber 70mm profile. The thick profile offers strength, rigidity and performance in addition to improved thermal efficiency. The uPVC door does not require special maintenance other than a wipe down with soapy water every now and again. The 5-chamber profile is unlike the outdated 3 chambered designs commonly sold in the market, and ensures that our doors are more thermally efficient.
Internally beaded
Our French doors are internally beaded. One of the biggest advantages of internal beading is that there is very little risk of the beading being removed from the outside allowing burglars to remove glass or solid panels from the door. With externally beaded doors, the beading can be removed from the outside with little effort, allowing intruders in.
28mm double glazing
Our uPVC French doors feature 28mm double glazing that incorporates a high performance warm edge spacer bar for increased sound insulation and excellent thermal insulation properties. Double glazed doors reduce the loss of heat from the home, perfect for the colder months. In summer, double glazing helps to regulate heat gain therefore helping your house stay at a cooler temperature. Generally, the insulation properties of double glazing are fantastic, saving you a significant amount of money on your heating bills.
100% virgin material
Our uPVC French doors use 100% virgin plastic, meaning that it has not been previously used, consumed or subjected to processing other than for the purpose of being used as window and door profile. The benefit of using this newly-formed plastic material is that it can absorb more of the sun’s UV rays without discolouring over time, ensuring your windows and doors stay bright white for many years to come.
12-point locking
Our PVCu French doors feature our extremely secure 12-point locking system, featuring 4 rollers, 3 hook bolts, 2 shoot bolts, 2 anti-lift pins and 1 locking latch. Home security is an important aspect to consider when looking for the right French door, which is why many components on our French doors are secured by design. Our multi-point locking system operates smoothly to keep your doors properly locked, which not ensures safety, but keeps your doors airtight at all times.