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Patio Doors - specification

Adjust the Size of the Door to match your own measurements

Entering your measurements

This Step of the processes allows you to submit the sizes , in Millimetres (mm), that you would like the door manufactured to.

red arrow Width




Please change the size of the door to match your own measurements. Click on any size (Shown in millimetres) which appears with either a red arrow above them or just with as numerals with a blue line through (See above).

Current minimum

Amend each size as required, within any minimum or maximum production sizes allowed, which may appear highlighted in a black text box (See above)  


If you enter any size which is above or below the current maximum or minimum a text box will appear (See above).

Certain sizes will be automatically calculated based on other size information shown for each door. These appear as white numerals in a red text box (See above)  


Cill included?

The sizes confirmed will always include any Cill


Manufacturing  and measurement tolerances

Our manufacturing works within tolerances of 2-3mm.


Please ensure the sizes you provide are not tight brickwork opening sizes as your new door may not fit, always allow a tolerance of about minus 10mm in the width and minus 10mm in the height. (Reduce size further if your opening is not square, out of level or has protruding bricks as your new door must be installed square, level and plumb).

We will always assume :

  • The normal width for a side opening sash is 600mm, this is measured from the edge of the outer frame to the centre of the mullion (vertical bar). Exceptions: If the door divides into equal parts of less than 650mm (divided by mullions) then your side opener will be set at an equal division. However, if you specify egress hinges it will revert to a 650mm wide section. If you specify easy clean hinges it will revert to a 600mm wide section.
  • The normal height of a fanlight sash is 360mm, this is measured from the top of the frame to the centre of the transom (horizontal bar). Georgian bar, diamond and rectangular lead will be laid out according to our best practice.


Need Help?

If you are having any problems or have any questions about the door you want to order please call our Sales Department on 01234 272 445

The lead door is the main door with the handle on, that that will open first.

The colours shown are designed as a guide only, if colour accuracy is vital please ensure you have seen a foil swatch before making your final selection. 

Our uPVC products are available in White or Woodgrain effect

We use 100% virgin uPVC to prevent discolouration and keep your windows looking nice and white for years to come!

Woodgrain Effects

Our Woodgrain finish products (made from uPVC, not timber) feature attractive whorl effects for a more realistic wood appearance than the fake looking lined wood grain pattern that many others often use. This means you get the beautiful look of wood without all the maintenance

White Profile
Rose Wood Profile
Golden Oak Profile
Anthracite Grey Profile
Rose Wood on White Profile
Golden Oak on White Profile
Anthracite Grey on White Profile


A door cill sits at the bottom of the exterior door frame to aid the drainage of water away from the door and house. The depth of cill needed will depend on how far back your door is set into the wall.

stub cill

Stub cill

A stub cill sits within the window cavity and is typically used when a cill is required to breach a gap between the new window and an existing structural cill. The stub cill can be placed to allow water to flow down on to the other surface that will drain the water away from the building.


150mm cill150mm cill

The 150mm cill is the most popular option for windows set approx 25 mm back from the brick face.



180mm cill180mm cill

A 180mm cill is typically used for windows that are set further back from the brick face, approx 50mm.



If the door has a cill as part of the structure of the house, eg. a stone or brick cill, you may not require a cill as there may already be sufficient means of drainage in place.

If you select to include an external Cill as part of your door order, it will be automatically included in the overall height of your door.

150mm and 180mm include Cill End Caps. Stub Cills do not need them and so they are not included.

Our door handles are secured internally to prevent them being removed from the outside. The locking system works by pulling up the handle to activate the mechanism before turning the key, and pushing down to open. Doors are supplied with white handles, as standard, or for a more modern look you can opt for either gold or chrome handles, at an extra cost. Regardless of the handle colour, the part where the key goes in will always be brass in colour.

White Lever Door Handle
White Lever Door Handle
Gold Lever Door Handle
Gold Lever Door Handle
Chrome Lever Door Handle
Chrome Lever Door Handle
The standard locking mechanism is a Lever/Lever which allows you to open the door using the handle from inside and outside, if you wish to not be able to open the door using the handle from the outside and instead have to use a key then please select the split-spindle mechanism as described below (available at extra cost).
With a split spindle the locking mechanism works differently on the inside and outside of the house. The handle works as normal from the inside - push down to open, and lift up to activate the mechanism before turning the key. From the outside, pushing down on the handle does not operate anything and the door is always partly locked when it is closed. This means that a key is always needed when entering from the outside.

Thumb Turn Cylinder

Standard Cylinder

The normal cylinder enables you to key lock/unlock your door from inside and outside. If you wish to unlock/lock your door without a key on the inside select a thumb-turn cylinder as described below (available at extra cost).

Anti Bump Lock

Anti Bump Cylinder
(Available at extra cost)


The Increased security lock that we sell is the answer to two growing forms of door cylinder attack, ‘Lock Snapping’ and ‘Lock Bumping’. Both are recognised by the Police and Master Locksmiths association as an increasing crime problem.

The patented anti-snapping system deters burglars far in excess of the requirements of PAS023/024 the current UK door security standard. The lock is also Secured By Design, an official Police crime reduction initiative.

To combat ‘Lock Bumping’ where a specially adapted key can be used to simply ‘bump’ open the lock, it has a patented and Kitemark approved anti ‘bump’ mechanism. This system lasts as long as the door it is fitted to.

Just  fit and forget!

  • The lock will fit any current multipoint lock and can be adapted to suit BS3621 cylinders locks where required.
  • No special door handles need to be used, giving complete customer choice.
  • The lock doesn’t rely on the door handles for its anti snap function, in fact the lock will exceed the requirements of PAS024 clause A 11 without the handle fitted!
  • Matched with a high quality European manufactured cylinder, this locks anti-snap pins and guard are more than a match for any potential intruder.

This lock offers a complete solution to Euro cylinder security in one cost effective and easy to fit product. One bolt fixing and you’re protected!

Thumb-turn CylinderThumb-Turn Cylinder
(Available at extra cost)

The thumb-turn cylinder acts like a built in key that removes the need for a key when locking/unlocking from the inside. This makes it easier and more convenient to open the door as there's no more hunting around for a key. Naturally, a key is still needed on the outside to maintain security.




Tricle VentTrickle Vent
(Available at extra cost)

Trickle vents allow you to control ventilation and air circulation, helping to reduce condensation and mould. They provide you with a small amount of fresh air into the building without letting a lot of heat escape.



Add detail or decoration to give your windows an attractive or traditional appearance with the optional feature of Georgian Bars or Leadwork. Georgian bar, diamond and rectangular lead will be laid out according to our best practice. If you require an alternative Georgian bar layout please get in contact with our sales team before placing the order to discuss your requirements.

Georgian Bars
(Available at extra cost)

The Georgian bars are fitted inside the sealed glass unit to make it easier for you to clean the window without the difficulty of having to work around the bars.


Rectangular Leading
(Available at extra cost)

Diamond Leading
(Available at extra cost)

Leading is available in either a rectangular or diamond shaped pattern for a beautiful and traditional looking finish.




Obscure Glass
(Available at extra cost)

Add an element of privacy with the option of obscure glass.

Any patterned glass over 1300mm – will not be able to run as shown on the website. The pattern will run side to side not top to bottom as shown .



The fixing pack is very, very competitively priced, contains most items needed for installation of windows/doors into standard masonry, you'll probably need these anyway and you'll save £££'s over buying from a DIY store. The pack contains:

* X1 tube of Silicone (Silicone is for external use only)
X1 SDS drill bit
X10 concrete screws
X1 grip seal bag


A highly pigmented, weather resistant, acrylic based paint touch-up pen, which is ideal for accidental scratches, edges and mitre joints. Shake the pen to mix pigment and solvent together and apply directly to surface.